Your choice of Olympians body care

BAST has been with us for quite a few years now, and many of our athletes and body building customers do love using it! 

As Tokyo 2020 Olympic game is going hard, athletes are trying their best to fight for their best timing, medals as well as world ranking etc. In the mean time, Olympians have to make sure their health condition are on track and they are well hydrated. In order to keep yourselves in shape, we would recommend you to use this brand to bring the best result for your daily workout routine - BAST.

B - stands for bravery, celebrating the athlete’s courage in putting their efforts; 
A - stands for authenticity, products and ingredients are as original as athletes’ ;
S - stands for sport, celebrating the sport, which encourage us to go beyond the limits;
T- stands for technique, where the product’s technique is as professional as the athletes.

Founders of BAST combined both of their own cultures – French and Swedish together with the professionalism of an athlete, and came up with this one and only loveable sport body care for all of the sport lovers out there. So, remember to put BAST before and after your workout routine, it could get yourself ready and warmed up as well as speed recovery.  

Here are two pre and post products that we are featuring: 

Pre Action Creme - a fast and deep penetrating lotion with active substances that stimulates blood circulation and warms up muscles preparing them for challenges and lower the risk of injury. Vegetable oils nourishes and improves skin elasticity.

Bruise Control - With natural arnica extract. Reduces swelling and pain and intensifies the recovery process. Apply gently on strained areas. 

Let's go athletes and best of luck to all of the olympians in Tokyo 2020!