Wearing less is the new form of beauty

Since we are all confined to our homes through the Pandemic lockdown, we might have makeup less while at home. This could be the best timing to give our skin a break and let the skin breath. We believe our daily routine will completely be changed through COVID, so as our behaviour. We believe less is more will be the coming trend.

1. Less is more

With less is more, it helps us develop our beauty philosophy and personal style. In order to bring out the natural beauty and true self, we are not actually required to wear a full face makeup with loads of beauty products. If we are nervous to go without the usual makeup, we might like to try thinking about building our inner confidence instead.

2. Embrace your natural beauty

Realising that using makeup was a wall and when we started to embrace a fresh face, we might become more comfortable in our look as well as have more confidence in ourselves. Instead of keep judging and criticising what you see in the mirror about ourselves, let’s embrace and appreciate our appearance as that is the real you. Your face tells your unique own story, and so, please remember to embrace it and let the world know who you are!

3. Let people see the real you

Research found that people with less makeup are highly trusted by clients comparing to those with full makeup. The reason behind is that clients might think they are just pretending to be someone else and might possibly bringing out a polished. Being real might be what clients and individuals are looking for a more trustworthy relationship.

4. Keep your skin fresh and young

As more and more people are working from home and getting used to the less makeup routine, they started to realised that having full makeup do not actually feel real. In fact, their skin are getting better with less make up which makeup products have blocked the skin from breathing and wearing less could be looking more natural and even younger.

Let’s be more conscious of our beauty routine and let’s aim to wear less makeup to feel more confident and embrace natural beauty.