The must use Silver Shampoo to brighten blonde hair

If you are recently looking for a shampoo for blonde hair, or locking the grey tone for silver hair, you are at the right place.

Whether you had dyed your hair pearly grey or it’s natural blonde, brassy hair is the one thing you might want to avoid. If your hair is not naturally blonde or grey, you might leave struggling with brassy hair after the warm undertones wore off. Besides, brassy hair can also be caused by a number of things, from too much sun to hard water to chlorinated water. That’s because blonde hair is particularly porous and the colour changes due to it absorbing chemicals or pollutions in the air or water. Over time, it turns hair yellowish and brassy.

A couple ways to keep your hair blonde and vibrant

1. Use a Silver Shampoo at least once to twice a week

Lathering up with Lernberger Stafsing silver shampoo for blonde hair and moisturising and help protecting strands against damage with Lernberger Stafsing silver conditioner. Both purple colour shampoo and conditioner will help neutralise the brassy tones and help hold your hair’s intended colour. Leave the shampoo for a few minutes during the wash and you should be able to see the effects right after it. This will be the one you should keep in your weekly hair washing routine for the surprising high maintenance!

2. Avoiding the sun

Other than using the right product for keeping your hair vibrant, you should also consider not staying under the sun for too long as well as soaking in pool water, both could be a doozy for blonde hair and causing the hair brassy.

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