The Magic of Brooklyn Herborium’s Cow Fart Juice

Sharing a love for clean beauty, founders
Molly Watman and Emma Graves founded Brooklyn Herborium
in 2011.
The New York-based brand has since
paved the way for a herbal skincare community
in the beauty industry
with a collection of holistic and
sustainably developed skin, baby, and home care products. 

Of all the products, we’ve
decided to introduce Cow Fart Juice today.
This potent herbal remedy
is used for skin discomforts such as bites and eczema and
softens skin in their
healing phase to reduce
scarring and redness. It can also
be used with Cow Fart Activator,
a mineral-rich herbal hydrator,
that enhances penetration to increase effectiveness.
This champion product is perfect
as a spot treatment, oil cleanser or as a transitional oil.

At this point, you must be wondering how
the product works so well?
With over 70 minerals, Cow Fart Juice effectively maintains
the structural integrity,
Biome and oil and water balance of the skin.
Here are some of the minerals in the
magical concoctions and their functions:

1. Bromine can effectively prevent
bacterial infections, treat acne and relieve allergies.
Bromine also has a soothing
and calming effect on the
nervous system, relaxes the nerves and prevents depression.

 2. Calcium maintains skin resistance
and helps prevent skin allergies.
It also soothes and promotes the skin's absorption
of mineral nutrients.

3. Iron constitutes as one of the
most important minerals to maintain healthy
blood circulation as it promotes the carrying of oxygen
and carbon dioxide, and helps your skin stay rosy.

4. Magnesium is essential
for revitalising and moisturising the skin,
thus helping to improve skin texture.
It regulates cellular regeneration and repair,
increasing recovery when your skin is
irritated and strength when it's under attack.

5. Selenium neutralises free radicals
and other skin-damaging compounds before they can
lead to wrinkles. It's similar to vitamin E
and actually works with the vitamin to safeguard the
protective coating around cells.
This makes selenium a key player when it comes to slowing
the signs of ageing.

6. Zinc is an essential element
for collagen synthesis, it can regulate
sebum secretion and improve acne thanks to its
anti-inflammatory properties.