Looking for a natural alternative to retinol?

Finally, A Newsletter!


Brooklyn Herborium Hong Kong
Hello dear friends,

We have been digitally silent for the long months of the pandemic, tending to our shop, families, community, and focused on the work at hand of coping with the stresses, deepening our own spiritual practices, and making herbal goods. We are ready to begin sharing some of our creations conceived of during this shadowy time, hoping that they bring you some joy.

Love, Molly & Emma


Looking for a natural alternative to retinol?

Try A+ Brilliancy Oil Serum with
A+ Brightening Clay Mask

Brooklyn Herborium A+ oil and mask


We use TWO products together to boost Vitamin A absorption and efficacy: First the oil serum, then the clay on top. For each step, we encourage TAPPING the product into your face. Face Tapping is an ancient practice that fundamentally connects us to ourselves. Plus it really helps these products do their job!


Why did we make these products?

It seems like every other client that comes to see us for a facial treatment has started on a type of retinol product. These highly synthetic Vitamin A forms are the latest drug to be pushed by the skincare establishment, promising to turn back the clock on all sorts of aging.

Unfortunately, there are side effects and long term damage that arise from their use, which certainly will become obvious over time. We do recognize the "boost" that natural forms of Vitamin A can lend to the skin, in the form of brightening and glowing.

Enter our A+ Serum and A+ Mask: These nature-based sources of Vitamins A, C, E, & high antioxidants beautifully replace damaging synthetic retinoids to gently encourage brightness & radiance. Enjoy a brilliant glow thanks to the protection of wild carrot seeds, anti-inflammatory evening primroses and the brightening essence of lemon.
This combination of nutrients stimulate skin’s natural healing abilities, boosting collagen and elastin production, helping effectively strengthen skin’s extracellular matrix and repairing visible signs of environmental damage. 
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