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Instant Lash Brow


Achieve thicker, longer, fuller eyelashes & eyebrows with the Instant Effects Lash & Brow Volumiser, which thickens lashes and brows by 20% in just 2 minutes. 

Put an end to damage caused by false lashes, extensions, plucking and other harsh treatments with our gentle, deeply conditioning and hydrating formula, suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. 

Our patented OX2 Pro Oxygen Transfer Technology infuses hair follicles with oxygen to help thicken lashes and brows, making them stronger, healthier and longer. 

Apply Lash & Brow Volumiser to your lashes at night to give you the perfect eyelash treatment.

Instant Effects Lash and Brow volumiser is a highly advanced clear serum. When applied to your eyelashes and brows it will thicken them by 40% and lengthen them by 20% after 2 weeks of continued use.  

The wand head is ergonomically designed to grab and coat individual hairs, ensuring the right amount of product is applied, and separating your hairs to avoid your lashes (and brows) from clumping and sticking together.


- 優惠期由即日起至2022年4月26日23:59止
- 產品限時優惠價一律HK$170, 自選產品數量達到6件,系統將自動應用活動優惠,買6件,只需支付3件商品總額
- 單一訂單額滿HK$500,可享免運費優惠
- 如訂單金額不足HK$500,則需付運費HK$100
- 產品數量有限,售完即止
- 如有任何變動,恕不另行通知
- Magic Haus 將保留活動最終解釋權

- 產品保質期可能少於12個月;
- 產品外包裝或有輕微瑕疵

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