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095 Brightening Liner Duo Glacier Flower


The comfortable to handle Brightening Liner Duo makes the most precise application possible. The very creamy and satin texture glides on smoothly and ensures a tender application especially for the delicate skin around your eyes.

The sheer pearlescent, milky white, highlighting side of our first Brightening Liner Duo ‘Eyes Wide Open’ can be used to brighten up the inner and outer corners of the eyes and the brow bone. The soft and luxurious rose hues of the Brightening Liner Duo side make your eyes look instantly wide awake when applied on the waterline. This light rose veil looks more natural on the inner lid, especially for day make-up, compared to traditional whitening liner.

With the stunning ‘Glacier Flower’, even the fairest skin beauties can indulge in highlighting their eyes and whitening their waterlines. The highlighter colour is a subtly warm cream shade with just a touch of soft pink that will add the right amount of sheen to your brow bones or inner corners of the eye. The waterline colour is a light beige cream that looks absolutely natural.

The duo pencil’s mixture of natural oils and waxes makes the application incredibly light and soft. Infused with rich emollients such as Candelilla and Beeswax, Eyes Wide Open moisturises your skin. Carnauba Palm Wax protects and moisturises too, while Castor Seed Oil supports the regeneration process of your skin. Our Brightening Liner Duo is the ultimate and indispensable way to maintain a fresh, sprightly and forever young glance.

4.11 g / 0.145 oz


- 優惠期由即日起至2022年4月26日23:59止
- 產品限時優惠價一律HK$170, 自選產品數量達到6件,系統將自動應用活動優惠,買6件,只需支付3件商品總額
- 單一訂單額滿HK$500,可享免運費優惠
- 如訂單金額不足HK$500,則需付運費HK$100
- 產品數量有限,售完即止
- 如有任何變動,恕不另行通知
- Magic Haus 將保留活動最終解釋權

- 產品保質期可能少於12個月;
- 產品外包裝或有輕微瑕疵

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