Anti-ageing Made Easy

Many things can cause our skin to age.
The natural process of ageing
is something we can’t change and as
we grow older,
we begin to get lines, sometimes from smiling
too much, our skin becomes
thinner and we slowly start to lose our youthful glow. 
So how do we slow down this 
process we all dread? We can try
by eating clean, exercising
every day and using products that can prevent
premature ageing. Let this list
of suggested products breathe new life into your skin:

Lernsberger Stafsing Anti-age serum
Combat the signs of ageing 
with this dermatologically tested
fast acting serum.
This product will help restructure your skin
to visibly reduce
any signs of ageing whilst the
high-strength peptides improve elasticity,
firmness and stimulates collagen synthesis.
The hyaluronic acid will moisturise while
Xylitol boosts the skins
own production of Hyaluronic acid and
strengthens the skins outer layer. 
Apply this serum morning and evening to a
cleansed face and neck and follow with
day or night cream - it really works!

Odacite Bl+J | Cell Energy Blueberry Jasmine Serum Concentrate 
This genuine treasure of antioxidants is a highly
vivifying serum that
helps breathe new life into skin to reveal
an energised complexion
and more radiant-looking skin.
Ingredients such as nutrient-rich blueberry seed oil
encourages a more
youthful-looking complexion, that feels full of energy
and life and jasmine helps rescue dehydrated skin
to improve skin texture.
Use 2-3 drops morning and night to awaken
skin's beauty and
let the aroma of jasmine bring back
confidence and combat feelings of stress.

Root Science Restore Facial Serum
Known for their organic skincare 
for modern purists,
Root Science’s Restore facial serum is a potent
botanical serum strategically
formulated for dry skin in need of intensive
moisture and rejuvenation.
This skin-loving blend of botanical oils
delivers an
energising dose of nutrients and
omega fatty-acids, minimising the appearance of
wrinkles and dullness.
Restore is made with plant 
extracts that contain a
wealth of skin beautifying
vitamins and protective antioxidants,
helping to promote smooth, supple-looking skin.

Madara Superseed Anti-Age Recovery oil
This potent anti-age recovery
treatment with 10 rare regenerating
dry oils deeply rejuvenates and restores tired skin.
These elements reduce
solar damage, reactivate skin’s regeneration rhythms
and diminish signs of photo-ageing,
lines and wrinkles.
The highly bioactive antioxidants protect skin cells
from environmental stress
and most importantly, the Recovery Oil contains Rose hip oil
which provides nature’s megadose
of Pro-retinol A - the famous anti-ageing agent.
It is especially beneficial
for mature and tired skin, lines and wrinkles, age spots,
scars, dry skin, fragile skin
and can be add into your moisturiser or used on its own
morning and night.

Madara Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream
This age-defying cream intensely
hydrates the eye area and targets signs of fatigue,
crow’s feet and fine lines.
With multi-molecular Hyaluronic Acid, Physio-Moisturisers
and antioxidant
rich Cellular Bio-Complex of 7 Northern plants,
it delivers luxurious care and strengthens the defence
against daily stressors for a fresh,
radiant and more youthful look.

Madara Age Protecting Sunscreen Spf 30
We’ve stressed the importance 
of sunscreen in our previous articles but this age
protecting one from Madara
will work wonders as part of your daily routine
to slow down ageing.
This mineral-based natural sunscreen provides
broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
with an invisible, flawless finish whilst delivering a high
dose of antioxidants,
shields against urban pollution,
protects the skin micro biome
and regenerates the skin for an age-defying
effect. It works to prevent dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation,
dark spots and loss of volume.